Architectural heritage

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The City hall

The City hall was built between 1847 and 1848 on the site of a former convent. Its architecture is of Renaissance inspiration. At that time, it was intended to the municipality and was composed of two classrooms and a police barracks. Nowadays, only the municipality premises remain.



The Church of St Laurent

The church of St Laurent, rebuilt from 1780 till 1785, is one of the rare churches of the Meuse where a completely painted ceiling can be admired. It is classified as "Historic Monument". With a Renaissance style, its vault is supported by twin columns. In the choir a marble high altar raises, closed by cast iron gates created by the artistic foundries in Tusey. The side aisles are lit by big stained-glass windows created by the establishments Pierson from Vaucouleurs. The church also houses organs dated from 1867.



The equestrian statue

Joan of Arc's equestrian statue is situated in front of the City hall. It is a 2.500 kg bronze statue realized by Halbout du Tanney, a sculptor from Caen. It was erected in Alger in 1951 in the public garden La Ferrière and destroyed in 1962. The French government decided to repatriate the pieces and to attribute them to the city which will take care of the financing and the repairs. The city of Caen was in competition because the sculptor inclined to see its work in its city of origin. Being the city of the beginning of Joan's epic tale, Vaucouleurs decided to apply because the city did not possess an equestrian statue of its heroine. So, the rests of the statue were attributed to the city in 1964 thanks to Louis Jacquinot, Minister and Deputy of the Meuse department. The repairs took place in Haute-Marne (French Department) at the foundries of Sommevoire after stormy negotiations with the sculptor not inclined to supply his help and its models. It is thanks to Maurice Worms's intervention, industrialist of Vaucouleurs, that he agreed to supply his help to the city. The financing of the repairs was provide thanks to a national subscription and to the support of Mrs Jacquinot, promoter of the equestrian statue. Returned from the factory, she was inaugurated on the 8th May 1966 in the presence of M. Pierre Mesmer, Armed forces Minister. 


Click to discover the vestiges of the City, the cultural heritage of Vaucouleurs, the Museum of Jehanne d' Arc