Vestiges of the City

"The Relics of Joan of Arc? There is not, there has been never. [] but of such kind, whole France becomes a reliquary, every stone of which every city and every monument, ennobled in its contact becomes a relic of big and moving heroine(heroin). To Vaucouleurs, who was a major point of its history(story), all which in the city e still some medieval breath is its relic."


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Museum of Jehanne d'Arc

Imagine a picture book that recounts a rare piece of history, a tranquil symphony of paper and bronze that guides the visitor through a succession of images, where the faces and spirit of Joan are continually revived.

The visit of the museum is the first stage of the heritage's discovery of the city.

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Cultural heritage

All the works telling the epic Johannique are not present in the museum!

There is still some to discover within the city hall.

Follow the guide!

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Architectural heritage

Besides the vestiges of the medieval city, there are to Vaucouleurs some buildings(ships), some architectural works to be discovered.

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